Since the backend exposes a GraphQL API, the UI can be written in anything that talks GraphQL.


React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, Elm, Meteor. There's a million different ways to write a UI these days. We recognized this from the start and decided to build a robust GraphQL interface as the boundary language between the UI and the backend.

Just run the financialcpp graphQL server and consume the API from your UI-framework of choice (React, Svelte, Angular, Elm, etc...).

npm install financialcpp
import { FppServer } from 'financialcpp'

const server = new FppServer({
    // disable default ui
    ui: false

server.listen().then( ({graphql}) => {
    console.log(`🚀 Graphql server ready at ${graphql.url}`)

You can access the GraphQL playground by accessing the /graphql endpoint in your browser.

See FppServer docs for options you can pass FppServer.

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